Premises Liability and Dram Shop

Roberts Perryman has over 40 years of experience and an enviable record of success in defending premises liability claims. A premises liability case usually involves some sort of trip, slip, or fall. Our team moves aggressively to analyze liability, comparative fault, and damages to advise the client whether to settle or try the case.

Most people think of premises liability as the simple defense of slip and fall cases. Unfortunately, premises liability defense can become much more complicated and potentially expensive – particularly in light of the increase of lawsuits by customers or tenants for injuries suffered as a result of crimes committed by unknown third persons on the premises. In this area of premises liability law, Roberts Perryman has obtained defendant’s verdicts or summary judgment in cases involving rape at a hotel, shootings on parking lots, assault and carjacking. Since crime is ever present and appellate courts are willing to let customers and tenants sue for these injuries, Roberts Perryman is, and will continue to be, on the forefront of defending these cases.