DOT Announces Regulatory Priorities

Recently, the Department of Transportation released its annual list of regulatory priorities.  The following are relevant truck safety issues, to spare you having to read the entire agenda here Unified Agency Update FMCSA 1 - 2013.docx. There are several entries of particular significance for truck safety, including:

Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse – Proposed Rule Planned for April 2013

Mandatory Truck Speed Limiters  - Proposed Rule Planned for May 2013

Electronic Logging Devices (EOBRs) – Supplemental Proposed Rule Planned for July 2013

Safety Fitness (CSA Safety Ratings)  - Proposed Rule Planned for November 2013

As a footnote, these dates are merely targets and are not set in stone.  It is far more common for agencies to miss these targets than to hit them.  However, they do offer some indications of DOT’s priorities and when we might anticipate action on important issues.

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