Toxic Tort Defense

Throughout our firm’s 50 years, one of our proudest accomplishments is the defense of toxic tort claims. Whether it involves asbestos litigation in Madison County, Illinois or lead exposure in Herculaneum, Missouri, our firm has been in the forefront of defending toxic exposure claims. At Roberts Perryman we have a very long history of successfully defending claims involving:

  • Dioxin at Times Beach, Missouri
  • Asbestos litigation in Madison County, Illinois
  • Silica litigation in St. Clair County, Illinois
  • Lead paint exposure in the City of St. Louis, Missouri
  • Benzene in outstate Missouri
  • Formaldehyde in Springfield, Missouri
  • Lead exposure in Jefferson County, Missouri

To be successful in the difficult and specialized area of defending toxic tort claims, we have found that it requires skills beyond those typically found in traditional insurance defense firms. First, to successfully defend a toxic tort claims a firm must have scientific and medical expertise. With over 20 years experience in Madison County asbestos litigation, Roberts Perryman has that scientific and medical know how. Second, a toxic tort attorney must develop and maintain access to the scientific and medical community. Experts are crucial to the successful defense of a toxic tort claim. At Roberts Perryman we have developed an expert base in such areas as asbestos, silica, benzene, mold and lead. Finally, the firm has to be efficient and organized. After defending over 3000 asbestos claims in Madison and St. Clair Counties in Illinois and 1800 dioxin claims from Times Beach, Missouri, we have developed an efficient and organized method of resolving these claims.

At Roberts Perryman we have developed a toxic tort team that can handle even your most difficult claims.
"Ted Perryman is a top-shelf attorney.  I always feel he's keeping my best interests at heart.  That's not a very common sentiment when talking about attorneys!"