Insurance Defense

We work daily with claims professionals throughout the United States on claims arising in Illinois and Missouri where our knowledge of the local terrain serves as a guide through the minefield.

Trucking Litigation & Transportation Law

We represent truckers and motor carriers who have been in accidents, including every imaginable type of accident, from catastrophic losses to minor property damage.

Legal Malpractice and other Professional Liability Defense

Legal malpractice suits are increasingly common in today’s legal landscape and may have serious repercussions. The potential of severe financial consequences and reputational damage make these cases extremely significant to law firms.

Motion and Appellate Practice

The attorneys of Roberts Perryman are experienced in effecting successful motion practice in the state and federal courts of both Missouri and Illinois. This experience ranges from initiating and defending dispositive motions to drafting and arguing both pre- and post-trial motions.

Design Professional Malpractice Defense

A separate aspect of professional liability practice is design professional malpractice defense. For over twenty years our professional malpractice defense attorneys have represented many of the leading design firms in the St. Louis area in arbitrations and lawsuits. Several of our reported appellate decisions involve our successful defense of such claims.