Motion and Appellate Practice

The attorneys of Roberts Perryman are experienced in effecting successful motion practice in the state and federal courts of both Missouri and Illinois. This experience ranges from initiating and defending dispositive motions to drafting and arguing both pre- and post-trial motions.

Roberts Perryman provides a full range of appellate services in both state and federal courts. Based on our extensive experience, we understand the need to submit post-trial motions that carefully preserve each issue for appeal. We have the ability to carefully guide a case through the appeals process: assembling the record on appeal, submitting any required motions, drafting briefs in strict accordance with the myriad requirements of appellate procedure, and providing effective oral argument.

We have successfully handled both state and federal appeals, and are experienced in complying with the rigorous demands of practice before the Missouri Supreme Court. Through our unparalled experience defending legal malpractice cases, our attorneys are well versed in a variety of fields including both plaintiffs’ and defense practice, probate, domestic relations, and debt collection practice.

Additionally, our attorneys are also well versed in navigating the process of seeking or opposing a writ, as well as briefing and arguing each stage of a disciplinary action.

Our firm experience allows us to assess and advise clients regarding the challenges and expenses involved in pursuing an appeal, and assisting clients with the cost-benefit analysis required in deciding whether to proceed with an appeal. Our goal is always to provide the very best representation in the most cost-effective manner possible.