Trucking Litigation & Transportation Law

For the past 50 years the backbone of Roberts Perryman has been trucking. We offer counsel to over 250 trucking and transportation clients. We are a full-service trucking and transportation law firm. As trucking and transportation lawyers we handle truck accidents and trucking litigation throughout the United States. We also counsel our trucking clients on any business matter that is unique to the trucking industry. We believe that a trucking company needs a trucking lawyer.

At Roberts Perryman many of our attorneys who handle trucking accidents and trucking litigation have their Commercial Drivers Licenses. This provides the client with the advantage of hiring a firm that knows trucking. Personal injury attorneys are aggressive when it comes to trucking accidents. They want to put the company on trial (and in some cases out of business). It should come as no surprise that it takes an experienced trucking attorney who is dedicated to defending the trucking industry to defend these claims. Being able to drive a tractor-trailer and understand the everyday difficulties a driver faces gives our firm a decided advantage.

As part of our commitment to trucking, we are very active in the trucking industry and advocate on its behalf. We are members and are involved in the Missouri Trucking Association, Illinois Trucking Association and the American Trucking Associations. These are in addition to the Truck Load Carriers Association, Trucking Insurance Defense Association, Machinery Haulers Association and Transportation Lawyers Association. We serve on many committees with the American Trucking Associations including Safety Policy, Legal Reform Advisory, Small Carrier, Communications & Image Policy, and Independent Contractor. We have been fortunate enough to be asked to speak at many of these organizations on such diverse topics as misclassification, EEOC claims, whistleblower liability, FMCSA regulations, cargo claims and catastrophic losses.

As part of our trucking and transportation practice, we commonly represent trucking companies on such matters as:

  • Trucking accidents and personal injury claims
  • Catastrophic and fatality claims
  • Cargo
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act compliance
  • Owner/operator contracts and disputes
  • Employment
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Formation of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies to protect assets
  • Misclassification
  • Insurance
  • Disputes with shippers