Illinois – Additional Safeguards at Red Light Cameras – Effective 1/1//2011


ADDITIONAL SAFEGUARDS AT RED-LIGHT CAMERAS – – The Illinois Legislature has amended the Motor Vehicle Code to provide safeguards for drivers and owners who encounter automatic “red light cameras” at intersections or railroad crossings set up by cities and counties (except in Cook County and Chicago):

·         The local ordinance must provide that any alleged violation has to be reviewed and approved by a local law enforcement officer or retired officer before a ticket will be issued. 

·         The photographs or video images must be made available to the alleged violator by providing a website address in the notice of violation. 

·         The locations of any intersections protected by these systems must be posted on the city or county website.

·         The timing of yellow lights at those intersections must comply with State regulations. 

·         An automatic camera system may not be used where the vehicle comes to a complete stop and does not enter the intersection, even if it goes past the white lines, unless a pedestrian or bicycle is present. 

·         Finally, if the driver or owner requests an administrative hearing, the city or county may not charge an additional fee, and the violator must have at least 25 days after the hearing to pay any fines.  

These changes are effective at the State level January 1, 2011, but it is left to the individual cities or counties to amend or pass their own ordinances to comply with this law. Public Act 96-1016. 625 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/11-208, 5/11-208.3, 5/11-208.6, and 5/11-1201.1