Illinois Trucking Association Legislative Update 3/18/2011


ITA Legislative & Regulatory Update

March 18, 2011

Thursday was the deadline for Illinois Legislators to pass bills out of committee. Lawmakers now take one week off from the Capitol, and are scheduled to return March 29 to begin debating bills before the full House and Senate.

ITA is tracking more than 160 bills on a daily basis that could impact the trucking industry and we have already testified in many committees about the impact of various legislation.

With lawmakers taking a 1-week break from Springfield, we encourage you to speak to your legislators this week while they are at home in their district offices. Information on finding out who your legislators are and how to contact them can be found at the bottom of this email.


The Senate Transportation Committee unanimously approved a bill that clarifies changes made to truck weight limits two years ago.

SB 1644, Sen. John Sullivan (D-Rushville), would simplify laws in the Illinois Vehicle Code that governs truck weight limits. The need for the existing five classifications of roadways in Illinois was essentially eliminated with passage of the Capital Bill two years ago.

In addition, SB 1644 will codify the 400-pound weight variance for Auxiliary Power Units that was included in the 2005 Federal Energy Bill. Since 2005, Illinois has had a 400-pound weight variance that Illinois State Police and the Illinois Department of Transportation recognize, but the 400-pound weight variance has never been incorporated into state law.

SB 1644 now moves on to the full Senate for consideration.


HB 22, sponsored by Rep. Jim Sacia (R-Freeport), was amended this week but still failed to pass out of the House Transportation Committee due to opposition from local governments.

Originally, Rep. Sacia proposed eliminating the existing 55′ overall length limit on local roads entirely. Sacia amended the legislation opting for a 60′ length limit, but the proposal still failed to get the necessary votes to pass out of the House Transportation Committee.


The House Transportation Committee has unanimously approved a bill that would exempt livestock trailers from the kingpin-to-rear-axle limits on state roads.

Under current Illinois law, semitrailers on Class I and Class II highways cannot exceed 45.5 feet from the kingpin to the rear axle. On Class III or other state highways, semitrailers are limited to 42.5 feet from the kingpin to rear axle. Local roads, including county, city, or township roads, do not have kingpin to rear axle limits in Illinois.

HB 3537, sponsored by Rep. David Reis (R-Olney), simply exempts livestock trailers from the kingpin to rear axle length limit altogether.

One week ago, the Senate Transportation Committee unanimously approved a similar bill, SB 2056, sponsored by Sen. John Sullivan. SB 2056 goes beyond livestock trailers and eliminates the kingpin to rear axle limit completely.

HB 3537 now moves on to the full House. SB 2056 is also scheduled for a vote in the Senate once lawmakers return to Springfield.


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