What a difference a year makes. One year ago, the Illinois Trucking Association was leading the charge at the State Capitol against a proposal to create an inland port/transportation authority with truck tolls around the two Will County intermodal facilities in Elwood and Joliet, IL.

On Thursday, local leaders announced the results of a traffic and infrastructure study that was conducted to evaluate the need for infrastructure improvements in the area. The Illinois Trucking Association participated in the study and was on hand in Joliet on Thursday when the study was presented along with many of our members.

Researchers suggested creating a “formal stakeholder group to begin a transparent, credible dialogue.” They also suggested a regional overweight permit, and they even suggested incentives for heavier trucks with more axles.

While the study did suggest that existing revenues are unlikely to keep up with infrastructure demands, it did not suggest tolls or the creation of an inland port district.

Reported by Illinois Trucking Association