Jason Guerra Presented for the Missouri Bar Association’s Trucking Litigation Webinar, July 18


Jason Guerra presented during the Missouri Bar’s Trucking Litigation webinar on July 18th from 2-4pm CST.  Topics covered included:

  •  Evaluating the Truck Accident Case
  • Insurance Issues Unique to Trucking Litigation
  • Theries of Recovery & Defenses
  • Applicable Law
  • Discovery & Evidence
    • Documents & Records – What Do You Need & Where Do You Find It?
    • Electronic Data – What’s in the Black Box?
    • Spoliation
    • Experts & Accident Reconstruction
  • Damages
  • Potential Pitfalls
  • What You Must Know About Settlement & Negotiation

This webinar provided 2.4 CLE’s.  If you are interested please call Jennifer Mason at 314-421-1850, or email jmason@robertsperryman.com