Rick Wuestling and Chandler Atkins Obtain Defense Verdict in Favor of Defendant in the City of St. Louis


In this case, Plaintiff claimed she was assaulted by another female with a glass bottle in Defendant’s nightclub in downtown St. Louis.  Plaintiff was cut across her forearm and sustained a long and very noticeable scar.  Plaintiff claimed her and her friends told Defendant’s security guards about the dangerous propensities of the assailant prior to the incident, but they failed to take action.  Rick and Chandler argued on behalf of the Defendant club that the incident happened immediately and without notice.  They further argued concerning Plaintiff’s credibility and participation in the fight.  The defense was able to limit the introduction of prior crimes into evidence and introduce evidence of Plaintiff’s comparative fault in starting or participating in the fight.  The jury returned a verdict in favor of the Defendant after only about twenty minutes of deliberation.