Ted Perryman Attends American Trucking Association’s Natural Gas Summit


On November, 28-30 in Arlington, Va., ATA played host to the leading voices on the use of natural gas in trucking including recent fleet experiences, current and future technology from truck and engine manufacturers, vehicle maintenance and repair shop considerations, the status and timeline for expanding the nation’s fueling infrastructure and views from Congress and other government policymakers.

“There has been a great deal of discussion about natural gas, but until now, no one has brought together all the pieces of the puzzle to show the whole picture. This summit will accomplish exactly that,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves.

Ted Perryman, Chairman of Roberts Perryman offered the following, “Clients are beginning to dabble in Natural Gas. I think it is beneficial, from a purely educational standpoint even, to know more about this industry. I need to keep current with the issues my clients face. Fuel is one of the biggest.”

“We live in an age of great uncertainty regarding the supply and cost of traditional fuels like gasoline and diesel. A fact, that when coupled with the enormous pressure our industry faces to reduce our environmental impact and reduce costs, makes natural gas a very intriguing and frankly very promising avenue for trucking,” Graves said. “As a result, we expect this natural gas summit not just to be attended by a whole host of leading executives from trucking, manufacturing, the energy sector and the government, but we expect it will come to be thought of as an important mile marker on the road to increased natural gas use in trucking.”

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