Ted Perryman Presented at the ATA Litigation Center’s Forum for Motor Carrier General Counsel, Monday July 15th, in Couer d’ Alene, ID


Mr. Perryman presented with Rob Abbott, VP or Safety Policy ATA, and Steve Bryan, CEO of Vigillo on ‘CSA Scores – Just an Illusion?’ This was an in-depth discussion of the substantive flaws in the data and methodologies that drive CSA scores. This 4 day conference covered a host of other topics and litigation issues including:

Featured Topics:

  • Briefings on Independent Contractor Classification Threats and Practical Guidance on their Use
  • The Potential for EEOC Investigation and Enforcement When Going Beyond the FMCSRs with Respect to Driver Qualification
  • A Survey of FAAAA Preemption Cases
  • Freight Contracting Tips in a Multimodal System
  • What Do You Need to Know About Using Foreign Drivers?
  • Can Driver Claims of Privacy or Harassment Derail Use of Safety Technologies?
  • Whistleblower Protections for Motor Carrier Employees

The Forum will again feature a symposium on highway accident litigation issues, including:

  • Understanding Trends in Highway Accident Verdicts
  • Successful Strategies for Defending Against Punitive Damages
  • What Motor Carrier Practices Have Proven to be Cost-Effective when Litigating an Accident Claim?
  • What Data Is On the Truck and the How/What/When of Retention

This year’s Forum featured a guest panel featuring the Honorable Annette Sandberg,

For more information please contact Jennifer Mason, jmason@robertsperryman.com or 314-421-1850