Ted Perryman Presents ‘Jury of our Peers: Inside a Trucking Case’ at Three Great West Casualty Company Meetings


Jury of Our Peers is an inside look at how juries deliberate trucking cases amongst themselves. Two focus groups were chosen, urban and suburban, and they were filmed as they discussed the different aspects of a real trucking case. Issues such as CSA scores, standard of care and even Facebook influence are discussed. And for the finale the audience sees how blame and compensation are assigned. Video clips are used to illustrate some of the key themes of trucking as well as group/juror behavior. 

The presentation is heavy on audience participation and has had rave reviews by every audience who has seen it. We get frequent requests to present for insurance professionals who write trucking policies and trucking companies.

For more information please contact Jennifer Mason 314-421-1850, or jmason@robertsperryman.com