Ted perryman Receives the G. Findley Reed Service Award from the Missouri Trucking Association


Mr. Perryman is the 2014 recipient of the G. Findley Reed award for service to the Missouri Trucking Association. It is an honor to be recognized by such a respected trucking organization.

The following is a description of the award:

G. Findley Reed was a long-time allied member of the Missouri Motor Carriers Association and a leader in the insurance industry. Fin Reed passed away some years ago, and in his memory and to remember his service to the Association, and honor other valued allied members, the G. Findley Reed Award was established.

G. Findley Reed had a high regard for the Missouri Motor Carriers Association and recognized the importance of bringing together, at least once a year, both the allied industry and the motor carrier members of the Association.

Each year at the annual convention, an allied industry member is recognized for service to the motor carrier industry and, in particular, for service to the Association.


For more information please contact Jennifer Mason, jmason@robertsperryman.com, 314-421-1850