Ted Perryman to Present in CSA Webinar Offered by Cline Wood Agency 10/29


Learn How SMS Scores Impact Your Trucking Business

Motor carriers are understandably concerned with the accuracy of CSA Safety Measurement System (SMS) scores. The intended use of SMS scores is to determine which carriers need FMCSA safety intervention. However, these scores are also used by shippers and brokers to make safety-based motor carrier selection.

Join Cline Wood University and guest speakers Attorney Ted Perryman, Vigillo CEO Steven Bryan and American Association VP of Safety Policy Rob Abbott in this brief, complimentary webinar and learn about the reliability of SMS scores and how these scores are impacting your trucking business.

Topics include:

* Reliability of SMS scores and their utility in making judgments about individual carriers

* How shippers, brokers and insurance companies are using SMS scores

* Likelihood SMS scores will meet standard “rules of evidence” tests to be introduced in court