Tom Wilmowski Obtains Defense Verdict on Trucking Case in the City of St. Louis


Case – Richard Isserman vs. Central Freight Lines and Henry Porterhouse

Defense Attorney – Tom Wilmowski of Roberts Perryman, St. Louis MO

Right turn “squeeze” claim. Our driver, Henry Porterhouse, was operating under the authority of Central Freight Lines at the time of the accident at Highway 40 and Kingshighway in the City of St. Louis headed eastbound. There was a temporary intersection requiring a 90 degree right hand turn for tractor trailers. Plaintiff claimed our driver was in the center lane as he made an improper right hand turn and cut him off. Defendant claimed Plaintiff attempted to pass on right as he was engaged in his turn.  It was a classic right turn squeeze that truck drivers often find themselves confronting because of inattentive motorists.  The jury deliberated 45 minutes returning a defense verdict in favor of Porterhouse.