Ted Perryman Participates in the ATA Exploring the Reliability and Accuracy of CSA Data Webinar


Since the launch of FMCSA’s safety monitoring and measurement program, Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA), motor carriers have been concerned with the accuracy of their CSA Safety Measurement System (SMS) scores. SMS scores are intended to be used to prioritize the least safe carriers for FMCSA intervention, but are also provided to third party stakeholders so, as FMCSA puts it, they can make safety-based business decisions.

On August 8, Rob Abbott, ATA Vice President of Safety Policy; Ted Perryman, Managing Partner of Roberts Perryman P.C.; and Steve Bryan, Founder and CEO of Vigillo LLC, presented on exploring the reliability and accuracy of CSA data and how it can affect your company.

The topics included:

  • The reliability of SMS scores and their utility in making judgments about individual carriers
  • The usefulness of SMS scores to shippers, brokers and insurance companies
  • Whether or not SMS scores likely meet standard “rules of evidence” tests to be introduced in court

If you are interested in the presentation please contact Jennifer Mason to get a copy of the materials. jmason@robertsperryman.com